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Expungements/Expunctions And Orders Of Nondisclosure

Is a past criminal incident holding you back in life? It may not have to. Under Texas law, it is possible to eliminate a criminal record through an expunction (also known as an expungement) or order of nondisclosure.

At The Barrera Firm in San Antonio, we understand how difficult it can be to overcome a past criminal matter, even if it was only an arrest and you were never charged or convicted. You may have difficulty finding employment, getting into the school of your choice or qualifying for scholarships. The incident may turn up on background checks even if it occurred years or decades ago. We can help you explore the options available to you, so you can move on with your life and leave the past behind.

Expunction Vs. Nondisclosure

An expunction essentially erases or destroys a past criminal record. Expunctions are generally only available if:

  • You were acquitted
  • You were arrested but not formally charged
  • Your charges were dismissed
  • You were found guilty but later pardoned, or proved to be innocent

Orders of nondisclosure do not destroy a record, but rather seal it from public view. If you successfully completed deferred adjudication probation, you may be eligible for an order of nondisclosure. Time limits apply. Generally, you must wait two years after completing deferred adjudication for a misdemeanor and five years for a felony.

Only certain criminal offenses may be expunged or sealed. We can review your situation to help you determine what your options are going forward.

Seeking To Clear Your Criminal Record? An Experienced Lawyer Can Help.

If you are ready to leave a past criminal matter in the past and get on with your life, we are here to guide you through the process. We handle all types of criminal law matters for clients in San Antonio and throughout Bexar County.

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