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A guardian is a person who has the legal right and responsibility to make important decisions on behalf of another. Guardianships may be sought for a number of reasons. In some cases, a child needs a legal guardian because his or her parents are deceased or otherwise unable to fulfill their parental responsibilities. Adults incapacitated by illness or injury may need a guardian to manage their affairs.

Before being appointed a guardian, you must convince the court that:

  • The person you would be the guardian over (the ward) is truly incapacitated
  • The guardianship is in the ward’s best interests
  • You are eligible and qualified to serve as a guardian

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Types Of Guardianships

In Texas, there are two types of guardianships:

  • Guardian of the person: Makes important decisions regarding the care and well-being of the ward, including decisions regarding medical care and treatment
  • Guardian of the estate: Granted decision-making authority over financial affairs such as bank accounts, investments and rent

Oftentimes, the same person performs both functions, but not always. It depends on the specific needs of the ward and other circumstances.

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